What is Rich media ads

Rich Media Ads to rocket sky your business. Today you can browse from the best rich media samples of the entire online media advertising. You can select from the most engaging rich media desktop or mobile ad formats and give a tremendous boosts to your media campaign in just a single click. It does not matter whatever you choose from, rich media banner, slider ads, pushdown ads or anything else from them the only things that matters is that your viewers will be seeing it in the right context in the right place at the right time.

When it comes to flexibility Rich Media advertising format comes at the top.

The reason is when the user is interacting with the landing page Rich Media Ads can be floating, playing and expanding at the same time. It provides you the access to the customizable HTML5 which allows the ad unit to shape up as the highly interactive creative ads. It can be rich media banner ad, any pop-up ad, any rich media billboard or it can be rich media videos.

Launching of rich media ad format on a DSP platform allows you to target your user segments fully, get impressions without doing anything, track your rich media CTRs, views and many more benefits can be avail through it.

Different formats of rich media ads:

  • Slider Rich Media Ads
  • Rich Media Interstitial Ads
  • Expandable Banner Media Ads
  • Interactive Rich Media Banner

Slider Rich Media Ads:

Slider rich media advertising is a format that includes a set of creatives that based on different .SWFs, IMG and 3rd party codes. They basically appear from the bottom most of the user screen and it roll along on the page as the user continues interacting with the page and scrolling it. The best part is that Rich Media Advertising possesses the high CTR due to its better engagement.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Higher click-through rates
  2. Higher engagement rates
  3. Higher inventory savings

Rich Media Interstitial Ads:

Interstitial ad format is a multi-purposed rich media format it can support many forms of ads like video ads, banner ads and other ad units. This format of ad appears in mobile devices and occupies the whole screen.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Higher engagement rates
  2. Memorable experience
  3. Less intrusive than other formats

Expandable Banner Media Ads:

Expandable Banner Media ad format can expand their ad size whenever they are triggered by any of the user behavior. It can expand due to a simple mouse-hover, a simple click or a tap. They are actually time based ads it comes back to original size when the timer is out.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Memorable experience
  2. Higher click-through rates
  3. Higher engagement rates

Interactive Rich Media Banner:

Interactive Rich Media Banner ad format is one of the best formats that produce highly interactive media advertising user experience. You can see them appearing on top of the content of any landing page and feature a large useful areas. The best part about them is that they can fit an extensive text message within them.

Benefits you are going to get:

  1. Higher engagement rates
  2. Higher click-through rates
  3. Very spacious for text

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