What is white label DSP

Any business partnership has unique character and its specialties. Someone is trying to find a new advertising platform channels and development ways, someone comes to the model of integration with a partner because of the circumstances. The ideal affiliate program is one that develops and complements sales. Building a business solely on a partnership is quite risky since at the same time one of the companies can quickly become dependent on a partner and lose their goals and strategy. This article is about partnerships on the White Label DSP model. White label DSP RTB is collaboration model in which one company makes a product and another sells it under its own brand. The term came from the music industry: advertising copies of vinyl records were sent to radio and clubs in white packaging – the design and production volume depended on the reaction of the first listeners.

White label strategy is widely used in the production of electronics, food, and software. Such an approach saves brands from the need to invest in creating their own technologies and infrastructure. Producers of the white label allow focusing on the quality of the product and increasing sales without investing in the development of sales. Marketing is constantly expanding clusters of audiences for all socio-demographic criteria, which is very beneficial for the effective work of local and larger agencies. This tool provides ultra-precise targeting, focusing on the interests, geography, intentions, preferences, and society of a person, which allows optimizing the selection of the target audience in accordance with the wishes of a particular agency for any subject.

Proper use of programmatic advertising provides agencies:

  • Placement of advertisements on a huge number of sites
  • Dynamic ads sharpened for a specific user, under their specific characteristics and needs
  • The ability to optimize advertising campaigns
  • Super precise customer segmentation
  • Significant timesavings.

Predictive targeting allows creating an audience that best meets the criteria specified by an agency. It also helps attract higher-quality targeted traffic compared to the traffic attracted individually by the agency. Auditorium segments, pre-formed in accordance with the requests of the contracting agency, significantly increase the conversion of advertising campaigns. Cooperation in the White label format is a modern partner model that allows you to sell the finished product under your brand.

What are the benefits of White label DSP?

This provides a ready-made platform for launching your own DSP, customized for a specific company or agency, taking into account the specifics of their business (individual interface and audience segments, branding, a separate URL, etc.). This significantly reduces the time and financial costs of developing and launching a product from scratch by providing ready-made infrastructure for buying media and convenient tools for conducting advertising campaigns.

White label DSP advantages:

  • Full branding platform
  • Expanded reach, which means access to thousands of ad networks and publishers
  • Variety of ad formats
  • Advanced modern optimization algorithms
  • Improved targeting settings (frequency capping, redirection, contextual and URL targeting, etc.)
  • Convenient real-time analytics
  • Automation of all processes
  • Simple and affordable toolkit for launching and managing advertising campaigns
  • Aggregation of data from different sources in a single interface
  • The ability to register an unlimited number of advertisers and publishers
  • The ability to quickly customize the client without changing accounts
  • Free pricing.

White label DSP allows companies and agencies to expand their portfolio of services and make a profit. White Label is a multi-company collaboration model. It implies the sale of services or products under the brand of the selling company and turns out to be the resources of another company. Today, such an interaction scheme is most often used by organizations with large client bases and a reputable brand.

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