Best Free Traffic Exchange Website

You may not be getting visitors on your website, so you have come to an idea of traffic exchange. We are going to discuss the best free traffic exchange website, and are they safe or not? Traffic Exchange can help you increase Alexa ranking but not the Google SERP ranking.

What is Traffic Exchange Program?

Traffic Exchange is giving one view for another view. A platform that provides traffic to the webmaster in exchange for traffic from their site in know as a traffic exchange. It’s just like the auto surf program, but here you can rotate and perform manual actions.

How Traffic Exchange Websites Works?

The traffic exchange concept is simple; You want your website to visit from other people? You have to do the same.

In Traffic exchange, you have to download a browser of any traffic exchange platform which will surf the website in the background is called the surf system.

They have a certain surfing ratio; you have to surf a website multiple so you can get one surf. You can upgrade the membership in order to get the same amount of surfing ratio or can get the views for free.

Sometimes you have to signup and place a code on your website header. Which shows traffic exchange website ads which may be a popup, leader boards or any other ad format.

Almost all such traffic exchange programs are free, but they also have membership programs which some extra and additional features.

Is Traffic Exchange Safe for Adsense?

Traffic exchange may lead you to fake impressions, invalid clicks, and views. Google can easily track your traffic source. As the traffic exchange is against the Adsense Policies so it may lead you to account disabled. You can read more about the policies by clicking here.

Best Free Traffic Exchange Websites For Boosting Your Alexa Ranking

Let’s discover the best and most popular traffic exchange and which may work for you or not.

1- EasyHits4U

With million+ active users EasyHit4U is a traffic exchange platform. With 1:1 you can get as many viewers as you want.

easyhit4u Traffic Exchange Website


  • Get as many traffic to your website or ads or anything present online
  • With 1:1, you visit the website and you will get a visit back
  • If you have no time to visit a website, you can get the membership program.
  • Domain filtering, Geo targetting


  • A low bounce rate can damage your SEO ranking.
  • No Forum Support for customers


2- Hitleap Premium Traffic Exchange

Official Website: Hitleap

Hitleap has its name in the market. Hitleap has the most active users but the worst customer support. All you have to do is download their software and start the auto surf. They are providing the lowest ratio 0.7 which means you have to visit a website 10 times and you will get 7 views.

HitLeap Traffic Exchange Website

HitLeap Traffic Exchange Website


  • Lower Bounce Rate
  • Geotargetting


  • 80% Fake Traffic
  • Worst Customer support


3- 10KHits Free Website Traffic To Your Site

The best traffic exchange service providers. The site offers a lot “Simple Dashboard, A lot of customization”. Choose the type of traffic you need ( organic, social, anonymous, direct or referral). Autosurf software and a lot more to hide make your site traffic look organic. It helps you to boost your Alexa ranking.

10KHits Best Alexa Traffic Ranking Booster

10KHits Best Alexa Traffic Ranking Booster


  • Real Human Visitors
  • Easy Software
  • Best Customer Support


  • It is not entirely free


4- AutoWebSurf Auto Hits Traffic Exchange

With simple methods like others. View other sites and get credit which you can reuse to get traffic. It’s free platform for traffic exchange.



  • High-quality traffic
  • Autor Surfing
  • Low Bounce Rate


  • High Membership Price
  • The low traffic exchange ratio


5- Traffic Send #1 Traffic Exchange

An ideal way to exchange traffic. An easy to use traffic exchange platform with so many advantages.

Traffic Send No 1 Exchange Website

Traffic Send No 1 Exchange Website


  • Auto Surf
  • Easy to use
  • Excellent customer support
  • Instant traffic exchange


  • Not Entirely Free


If you know any other traffic software or platform mention below in the comment. Polus Media will review it for you only. Your suggestion is important to us.

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