Best ideas to monetize a website or a blog

Have you heard that you can earn money on blogging so as on any native advertising platform? Monetizing your blog can provide you with a solid income by selling website traffic. The main thing is to know how and what to do and how to make money without selling anything. We sell good traffic and so can you.

Before you start blogging or monetizing, you need to understand three key points:

  • What your readers live with
  • What problems do they solve daily (or do not solve but face them)
  • What exactly will your blog help with.

That is, you need to create an average portrait of your readers. Its presence will allow to understand exactly what topics to write about and in which direction to move. Monetizing your blog is not easy. It is important to understand where to start and how to manage the site in order to achieve success. The result depends on what you can do, what knowledge you have. After all, a blogger is not just a site owner. He must possess certain skills.
The duties of a blogger are:

  • Preparation of subjects of articles and writing articles
  • Site/blog administration
  • Work with design of a blog and its articles, including ones on other sites
  • Preparation of illustrations, images, diagrams, infographics
  • SEO optimization of the blog in general and each article in particular
  • Blog promotion, including social networks
  • Communication with blog visitors.

A tip: blog on a topic that you really understand – this would be the best. This increases the likelihood of ultimate success. If you do not have certain skills – do not worry. If you want to learn, it will be pretty quick. Or – as an option – you may find people who will do it for you. Although, you will have to pay for their services.

Where to post a blog

If you do not have your blog yet, and you are considering where and how to post, there are several options. Let’s look at the main variants to conclude, which one suits you best.

1. Specialized free platforms

Each of them has its own characteristics, both negative and positive, including restrictions. In particular, you will not be able to install ad units in different parts of an article/post.

2. Platforms – social networks

This accommodation option is ideal for those who wish to keep a video or photo blog – since you do not have the money for the maintenance of the hosting.

3. Own site

And the third option is to create your own website. If you think that this requires a lot of money, you are mistaken. It’s quite possible to make a personal website for maintaining your own blog, with minimal costs, time, and labor. In addition, your own site opens up more opportunities for profit. In this case, the monetization of the blog will be much easier!

The practice of monetizing your blog

If you are interested in how to monetize a blog, it should be noted that you could start the process of earning only under certain conditions:

  • Your blog must be at least 6 months old
  • The average daily attendance should be about 200 people but preferably above 500
  • There should be certain indicators in monetization systems and affiliate program systems. The kind of performance depends on the type of system. For example, this may be the number of indexed blog pages, TIC values, and other numbers.

Therefore, as you can see, there is no need to hurry with this process. But it is not worth slowing down too much. Use several promotional tools, embed them alternately. It is not necessary to launch all possible products at once. Start with the usual lead magnet, the essence of which is in the call to subscribe to the newsletter about new articles on your site. The essence of a lead magnet is, for example, a call, or a picture with a call, or clickable banner. In general, there are many options. Through your blog, promote products that are in real demand. That is, be engaged in sales. It is highly desirable to offer visitors a product that matches the subject of your blog. / / / / / / / /

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