Principle Of Ad Serving

Whenever you talk about the Programmatic ecosystem the first thing that comes to mind is about the things such as Demand-Side platform (DSPs), Supply-Side platforms ( SSPs) and Ad exchanges. The reason is that these all are the major elements of the ecosystem and they are huge !

This whole concept is same as a puzzle which has different pieces that when put in right place makes it complete. For example Ad server This Ad-Serving technology is one of the strongest backbones of the Digital Advertising. It supports at the back end provide power to the digital advertising without getting any of the attraction to itself. But just because it does not operate from the front means we will not consider it or neglect its importance. Here are some of the famous questions asked about Programmatic Ad servers along with their answers.

What is an Ad Server?

Ad servers are the dedicated computer servers that are especially responsible for dedicated tasks like hosting, optimizing and distribution of the content across various websites, social platforms, mobile apps and web apps. Ad servers also functions as Campaign Management platforms, Ad tracking systems or Ad-Serving technology often.

Ad servers are widely used in different areas of advertising platforms like online marketing, digital advertising and programmatic ad buying.

What is the working principle of Ad serving?

The working of the Ad serving is a bit complex and it includes series of different steps. All the magic starts when a user visits a website or a mobile application. IP connection between the user and the publisher web server establish and start transections. The websites will begin to load its content and other stuff. In the same time ad tags present on the website starts loading too and calling the Selling side ad servers.

As soon as the publisher’s ad server receive the ad request at its end it immediately analyze the data that comes about the user and its other information such as language, time of the day on which the request was generated, his geolocation, his online behavior and some demographic attributes(age, gender, marital status, employment).

After that ad server will send the request to ad exchanges where different buyers will bid on it if they found that request relevant and the user as well.

Ad servers also have the responsibility to check how many times the potential ad was displayed to a particular user in the past which is called frequency capping.

In a millisecond the publisher’s ad server will process millions of different buyers requests and chooses the best paying ad from them.

Finally the ad will be retrieved and successfully downloaded on the web page. This will count as an impression.

What is Ad Serving?

Ad serving is the technology that uses software in order to place different ads on different websites. Ad serving engine works as the core element of the ad server. It works on complex algorithms and decisions making tools to select the most relevant ads that will be displayed. The ad selection process Is strictly restrained and works on the rules that are created by publishers, advertisers and the ad server itself. Ad servers are also responsible for functions like ad tracing, ad reporting and ad management.

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