Programmatic Advertising & Types of Programmatic

Many studies have showed and provide some estimations that the programmatic advertising will grow at an unmatchable speed  of over 30% in 2017 alone. It’s not the only thing growing at a faster rate than any other within the digital advertising industry. This thing is also dominating the entire market single handedly. After analyzing the facts it is safe to say that programmatic ads are here to stay for a long time. Polus Media will tell you in this article about this particular area of digital advertising and try to educate and guide you on each and every aspect of programmatic.

What is it then?

Programmatic advertising meaning includes the following things. It is a fully automated process of using technology to buy and sell ads through a data driven procedure. It has most types of ad spaces on all other screens including videos, mobile, and native and display ads.


RTB is a very important element of the programmatic industry. Before advertisers used to buy impressions in bulk, but it was very hard to differentiate one particular type of audience from many present out there. If the advertisers was promoting some product like a travel product aimed at the senior audience over the age of 50 at the old times then the impressions range would have also audience within the age of 20-30 years old that are not interested in traveling at all they have to see the ad too which is a waste of time and money.

You can see that this is not a very good way to spend your budget, time and effort. But with the arrival of the Real-Time Bidding an auction environment was created for the people but digitally where advertisers can specific ads to a particular group of audience based on their data points about that particular audience. In return the advertisers can now display his ads only to his senior audiences older and who is interested in travelling than 50 through programmatic display instead of losing impressions on an uninterested or non-targeted audience.

Different types of Programmatic Advertising

Reserved Inventory: in this type of programmatic advertising a particular area within a web gets allocated or reserved to a publisher for a settled rate. This can also be allocated upon size of the ad and the time frame of the frame.

Unreserved inventory:

You can easily say that this is the exact opposite of the reserved inventory. Here publishers make a particular location on his website available for ad spots. This unreserved inventory is sold through third-party ad networks or through Real-Time bidding (RTB).

Fixed Price:

This type of Programmatic advertising includes fixed prices for media buying and selling. Programmatic rules the online media buying industry fixed price negotiations.

Auction Pricing:

In this type of advertising Real Time bidding comes into the scene and the ad inventory is set up for the sale to different advertisers.

Programmatic direct:

This is also an automated process where a buyer typically gets a hold of a publisher’s ad inventory for a fix price. Third party companies and some different platforms are required that will add control to it and ensure in time delivery.

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