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If you are not a newbie in online business advertising then you should have heard people saying about how programmatic ads have changed the entire landscape. Keep calm and relax because Polus Media is about to give you a breakdown just what programmatic advertising is all about.

Programmatic advertising:

Programmatic ad buying is all about the buying of digital advertising through software. As we all are well aware of the traditional methods including requests for proposals, tenders, quotes and human negotiation. Programmatic ads are free from all this and include the usage of machines and different algorithms to purchase display spaces.

It is not all in all complete automated ad buying process but through this, you can get more time for optimization and improvements of ads. It cannot completely cut off the people efforts though humans will always be needed to produce plans and optimization of advertising it will only result there will be fewer ad buyers. Programmatic advertising promises to make the ad-buying system more efficient and fast, it guarantees that it will be a cheaper process as it will reduce the manpower from the entire process. The reason is obvious humans get sick, feels sleepy and need rest but machines don’t.

It is probably right to say that it will be the future of ad buying but right now it’s also impossible to tell exactly what and how much of the advertising portion is now traded through programmatic advertising but stats says that Programmatic advertising is definitely on the rise. For now, online ads are mainly traded programmatically.

Display Advertising:

Display Adverting is basically the ads boxes presents on different websites and they can be present anywhere on the website may be along the top of the pages like a traditional banner ad or they can be in the form of larger text billboard, they can also be in the form of some videos. These all types of different ads can appear on distinct sections of the website that are specifically reserved from the beginning for paid advertising.

Like everything else displays ads also come with their pros and cons. For example, on the one hand, it is highly flexible and gives everything into your hands. There are countless combinations of formats you can create; you can do countless styles and sizes. It allows you to mix it up entirely as you want.

Display ads travel long means high reachability given the millions of websites reached by Google’s Display Network. Display ads are easy to measure. Display advertising analytics allow you to track the number of total clicks, total conversions and total impressions that the ad has generated in time. Which ultimately gives you an overall update of what is happening?   

While display ads are used widely they are also being ignored widely as they are everywhere, easy to find on almost every website. Which causes click-through rate across all the formats less than one per cent? View ability of display ads is also damaged by ad blocking and use of ad blockers has boosted over the past year.

Now that you have a better understanding of display advertising Programmatic advertising it’s up to you totally which way do you prefer!

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