TikTok: Got The Eye Marketers Should Focus on TikTok – The New Era

TikTok social media application allows users to create and share approximately 15-sec video clips. Tiktok is a new marketing platform for young users.

By now, you probably have heard of TikTok, this social media application allows users to create and share approximately 15-second video clips. Like most adults, there’s a high probability that you would like to know about this fuss.

TikTok has experienced a sudden rise in popularity since it entered the U.S. market. It boasts millions of active users – surpassing LinkedIn, Snapchat and Twitter. The app has gained the attention of Gen-Z, the biggest consumer generation. This tremendous progress has made TikTok the world’s most popular startup.

1- Tiktok: It’s no longer for adolescents

TikTok has its origin in Musical.ly, a lip-syncing application developed by ByteDance – the parent company of TikTok in 2017. The app has the youngest user base in comparison to other social media platforms. One cannot deny the fact, approximately two-thirds of worldwide users are under 30 years of age. A quick search of the app will disclose an increasing number of adults using the network. 

This demographic shift is evocative of Facebook, which initiated as the social platform primarily for college students and Snapchat that gained immense popularity among teenagers. New technology is highly embraced by young people. It would be a smart approach to make the best marketing use of this platform. An absolutely encouraging sign for businesses!  

2- Tiktok: Build Brand Visibility and Audience Participation

Similar to Instagram and Twitter, TikTok uses hashtags to market content and make it easier to explore. It comes with a great opportunity for businesses to grow their audience. One effective strategy is the use of trending TikTok hashtags or create your own.

One common use of hashtags on TikTok is to allow participation in challenges where users make videos of themselves doing a certain action. Some popular examples are the “bad makeup” and “trust fall” challenge. 

There are many prospects for brands to gain significant visibility by participating in TikTok challenges. Let’s consider the example of NBS – The Tonight Show with Jimmy Fallon.

The show presents a segment around setting challenges every day via the app such as “the tumbleweed challenge”, which resulted in more than 10 million engagements. From a marketing viewpoint, the wisdom of this movement lies in its audience development potential.

While 18-24 years old youngsters in the United States invest several hours on this application, Fallon’s team used it as an opportunity to keep their brand relevant to the Gen-Z audience.

3- Tiktok Global Reach

Similar to many other social media networks, TikTok comes with the best local engagement and global reach. The application has accomplished massive adoption around the world, specifically in Asia with several million monthly active users. The app of global appeal provides a unique opportunity for brands enthusiasts to penetrate new markets. 

For example, the Soccer club Liverpool F.C has successfully accumulated around 500,000 devotees on TikTok in a few months. Further, the app is a home to multiple categories including makeup artists, cosplayers, gamers, fitness fanatics and much more.

It uses algorithms similar to Netflix endorsements helping users find the individual tribe. From a marketing perspective, TikTok’s tribal nature allows businesses to target their specific youth audiences based on their passion points, mutual interests, and attitudes. 

4- Tiktok Influencer Marketing

Another frequently used TikTok marketing tactic is product placement in influencer posts. In the year 2019, the Telegraph reported that popular brands including Sony, Coca-Cola, FIFA, etc. have turned this application to run influencer campaigns.

What’s more interesting? It’s reasonably priced in comparison to Instagram. Many businesses are still learning and understanding the app potential value. One effective way to set up influencer marketing via TikTok is to engage influencer marketing organizations such as The Influencer Marketing Factory. 

It’s an extremely user-friendly and intensive app to allow TikTok users who would assist you in promoting your brand. To do this, all you need is to set up a TikTok account, follow other users’ accounts and engage with content based on your audience interests.

You should perhaps focus on the content feed relevant to your audience. Scroll through and mark down the profiles of users with the potential to promote your products or services. This strategy can help businesses to better deal with influencers particularly those who haven’t been cracked up by an organization.  

5- Tiktok Youth Culture

Reaching youngsters means moving at a quick pace of change. For marketers, this app can be one of the most efficient ways to stay up to date. You may think of a massive focus group – without the related costs. Undoubtedly, some of the most popular memes have started on TikTok, before becoming viral around the internet. The various approaches of TikTokers today transform into the mainstream within weeks, months or years. 

The app also helped star Lil Nas X get into the limelight when Old Town Road become a highly popular meme. TikTok’s interactive and participatory nature encourages the distribution of diverse movements at an extraordinary rate.

While discussing business marketing, we cannot forget to talk about social awareness this platform can bring. For instance, #Globalwarming was increasingly used as an effort to raise awareness regarding the effects of climate change.


For its entertaining atmosphere, TikTok seems to be a great place for businesses to promote their content. With the increasing number of brands, any network original luster starts to dull. If your company’s editorial and video team think they have the scope to create unique and engaging content for a new platform, it could definitely be a worthwhile challenge. Marketers may be known for spoiling many things, but on a social media network like TikTok, maybe they don’t have to.

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