Top 10 Uber Demographics You Need To Know Before 2020

Launched in 2009, Uber has emerged to be one of the biggest transportation services in the world. Safe and affordable car booking for transportation, what earlier seemed to be a highly dependent process, is now a seamless and safer process and the credit goes to Uber. The ridesharing app allows users to book a private or shared car with just a few taps. 

If you want to know more, read our top 10 Uber demographics and know the statistics about the company that has redefined the ridesharing market for good.

1.      Uber has 75 Million riders and 3.9 Million drivers globally

According to Uber website, Uber has around 75 Million riders and 3.9 Million drivers running globally and helping the company achieve its targets and fulfill its vision of transportation simplification.

2.      25% US Citizens use Uber at least once in a month

According to the survey results conducted by Statistica, 25% of the ridesharing service users in the US agree that they use Uber at least once per month. In fact, according to, 65% of users agree that they would go for the Uber app in a hurry.

3.      Uber has 91 million active users

Uber has 91 million active consumers worldwide, making it one of the biggest target audiences any ridesharing app would have. 

4.      Uber has completed 10 Billion trips globally

Statistics show that Uber has completed 10 billion rides successfully worldwide, which is far greater than that of any other ridesharing app currently in place.

5.      Uber is currently operating in 63 countries

As of December 2018, Uber is fairly popular around the globe because of the in-app features it provides. The ease of use and attractive user interface has extended the global usage of Uber across 63 countries and 700+ cities. 

6.      Uber drivers complete 14 million trips each day

Although drivers are not fairly satisfied with the company in terms of earnings, their performance statistics are impressive. Uber completes a massive 14 million trips every day which is huge.

7.      An average Uber driver earns around USD 364 per month

Even though drivers at Uber are mostly employed people working part-time to earn extra gigs, statistics found that the average earning of an Uber driver is $364 per month which is lower as compared to other economy sharing apps like Airbnb and TaskRabbit.

8.      41.8 million US citizens used Uber in 2018

As of March 2018, a total of 41.8 million users in the US used Uber. Although Lyft also has a high user base and target audience in the US, however, Uber surpassed Lyft which didn’t go beyond 32 million in terms of the number of users.

9.      Uber drivers earned $600 million as a tip in the first year

Tipping an Uber driver is not mandatory but is appreciated. The first feature year for Uber bought some interesting statistics along. According to CNET, Uber hit the year mark with drivers getting $600 million in the very first year.    

10.  Uber net annual revenue in Q2 2019 was $3.17 Billion

 According to CNBC, the annual revenue of Uber in Q2 2019 was turned out to be $3.17 billion. However, it was expected to be $3.36 billion, still Uber is ready to fill up the gap.

Final Word

Taxi drivers across the globe may have profound memories of the world before Uber, however, for people like us, the world before Uber seems like dark ages. The days when people used to watch how taxi meters would climb up or tackle relatively cheaper but potentially dangerous alternative modes of transport are now gone. Since there are competitors like Lyft in the US and Didi Chuxing in Asia that have made up a lot of ground, a strong battleground is foreseen by many experts when all these ridesharing apps come into play.

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