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CPI – The Guide

Cost Per Install helps in determining the feasibility and consistency of paid ads. One effective way is to track CPI and Average Revenue Per User (ARPU) to ensure you are producing more profit than investing to gain those users.

Cost Per Install (CPI) is the expense to acquire a new client from paid ads. The metric brings out paid installs in difference to organic installs. 

Since CPI campaigns are exclusively designed for mobile applications, here the mobile app owner decides whether they want to market their app with paid advertisements.

These ads are positioned within the apps in different formats such as videos, native, banners, etc. You can compare CPI with customer acquisition cost. Though it is only associated with certain campaigns. The significance of CPI is also connected to the type of app. For instance, e-commerce applications and apps on standalone products.

Within an e-commerce application, you already own an existing business and network. Therefore, you will have several other ways to drive installs from your current consumers and distribution platforms. However, it doesn’t mean you are unable to run the CPI campaign.

Yet, the strategy has a better influence for standalone applications. In such cases, you can set the customized price of your CPI campaign for a particular action and in return expect rates to be higher.

CPI working factors

Cost Per Install depends on various factors including:


The location of the customer plays a crucial role in setting the CPI. The price is primarily decided depending on the lifestyle of certain countries. For instance, the CPI is relatively higher for countries such as Australia.


The cost for every install varies from Android apps and iOS apps. Since the number of devices for Apple is comparatively lower than Google, and therefore the CPI for iOS is higher than Android for more purchases.

App Genre

Every application doesn’t have CPI. Subsequently, the cost is set by application category. One cannot deny the fact that games have expensive CPI since the players invest more money within the app. Also, the price of one app differs from another.

Acquisition Channel

Every media channel owns its CPI and offers individual services. Social media platforms such as Facebook and Twitter have better rates due to the involvement of a massive audience. 

If you aim to rank your mobile application organically, enhance app revenue, improve brand awareness, and increase app downloading, CPI makes for a great option. Here we have some benefits for highly flexible campaigns within affiliate:

Improve Brand Awareness and New Consumers Acquisition

CPI campaigns encourage an enhanced volume of downloads leading to better category rank in mobile app stores and promote organic installs. This doesn’t go well only for brand awareness but also keep you ahead in the competition since users would prefer downloading apps with high ranking. In addition, mobile application advertisements can be marketed within other apps and mobile websites as well. It will provide you a great opportunity to reach your target users. Also, it’s an intelligent way to acquire new consumers who are more likely to convert.

Precise Targeting for Apple and Android Device Users

Precise Targeting for Apple and Android Device Users

CPI marketing encourages users to download the app either from Google Play or App Store depending on which device they use. It will make sure you have a valuable customer experience when downloading and communicating with your mobile application.

Set Cost Per Install and Volume According to Budget

Set Cost Per Install and Volume According to Budget

A CPI campaign can be customized according to an advertiser’s objectives. This is done mainly by adjusting targeting, location, and publisher sites. If instance, if you have a total budget of $10k, you can set the CPI at $2 and receive 5k installs. 

Optimization Depending on the Quality of Installs

Using post-install tracking, promoters have a better opportunity to analyze the campaign’s performance that significantly give emphasis to quality. Some of the common questions are, how many consumers who install the app will convert? What are the most effective media sources to optimize? How often the users open and interact with the app? Besides, the application developers are provided with valued feedback. It helps brands to improve their in-app experience eventually leading to more sales.

CPI Conversion Funnel Depends Optimization Depending on optimization
CPI Conversion Funnel Depends Optimization Depending on optimization

CPI marketing allows consumers to install through App Store and Google Play. This ensures an excellent customer experience when connecting and networking with your mobile application. It is completely possible to customize your CPI campaign according to your goals.

In other cases,

You can also set the CPI campaign to trigger after a certain action is performed within the game such as reaching the next level. It would be significantly useful as the action of installing an app doesn’t essentially transform into practice.

If you don’t have these parameters, you would be investing for installs which you might not have used before. Consequently, it is important to work on some details with the publisher who would present the advertisements for you.

CPI focused campaign emphasizes on collecting the highest number of application installs in the minimum cost possible. Another major benefit of Cost Per Install is the consumers engage with the application over time. As a result, the campaign is appreciated for a lifetime.


  • CPI campaigns target app niche audience: To collect multiple installs, your advertisement will be exposed to potential consumers who are interested in what you offer.
  • Guaranteed Installs, acquire what you paid for: If you are looking forward to downloads, this is all you need.
  • Smoothly create thrill around your application: When you need popularity the most at the time of app launch, this is the most effective solution for your intent.


  • Cost get higher according to the competition: If you intend to promote a game which operates on iOS in Australia, you need to prepare your budget for this plan. 
  • The complicated process for new advertisers: To enjoy a successful campaign, you need to work on additional plans and many ad networks to achieve the best ROI.


CPI campaigns help in endorsing a major number of downloads resulting in improved category rank in the mobile app stores and boosts organic installs. If you are looking for a competitive play and maximize brand awareness, these campaigns play a crucial role. An innovative way for high app rankings and all-out downloads in the app store.

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